Total is one of the leading united oil and gas companies in the world with offices in more than 150 countries.


- make the audience younger
(target audience: men, 20-40 years);

- raise awareness of the brand,
its products and services;

- enter the Russian market
with new products
(motor oils Total QUARTZ);

Project features

- a global brand represented
in 150 countries;

- design and content must correlate
not only to the goals of the Russian office,
but also to the objectives
of the head office in France.

Traveling with Toal

Subscribers had an opportunity to make a virtual tour around six countries:
Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.

Along with the planned European tour, we highlighted
a motocross from to Saint Petersburg.

High activity of the target audience. Users offer recommendations
for motocross travelers, give advice on places worth visiting.







Moreover, this is just a beginning. We are going to travel all around Europe, and then go to Asia, Africa, Australia and America. Such tours evoke a wide response from the target audience.

Quiz «Hat on your Head»

got prizes

users took part

Members of the communities answered the questions from the pilots of the team “GAZ-Za rulyom-Sport”, partners of Total. The subscribers, who gave more correct answers, won prizes from the brand.

Total in Instagram


the number of view
of branded content
engaged users
is 5 times more than the number of participants (VK)
We have exceeded the engagement plan 19% (FB)
* Data given for the period of 11 month.

Customer feedback

Tatyana Shtykhina,
marketer of Total East

Another Point has won a tense competition with numerous participants to create and develop our communities in social media. We were looking for a quality customer service and profound knowledge in the field. However, the team of Another Point even managed to exceed our expectations, and it happens quite seldom.

Good copywriting, careful and efficient work with the audience, monthly overachievement of plans in raising the number of subscribers. Our group frequently gets in the top of the list of the consumer engagement rate among Total groups in other countries.

Say the least of it, the experts of Another Point treat our subscribers like family, and we entrust them with the management of our communities even after they have started to represent the whole Total conglomerate group in Russia, and not only the oil units. 

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