Built-in appliances manufacturer Körting&Mathiesen AG was founded in 1889 in Leipzig. At the beginning, it manufactured transformers and lightning units. By 1923, the company became a leading manufacturer of the outdoor lightning market. In 2011, Körting entered the Russian market.
Körting offers household appliances for families, which are fail-safe, sophisticated and finely designed.

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Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram
Build loyalty to the brand
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Körting has entered the Russian market not long ago, in 2011. This brand and its products are still unfamiliar to the largest part of Russian audience. To increase we needed to develop a promotion strategy that would combine main values of the target audience, as well as we had to make Körting social communities stand out from the competitor communities. content for     
At the stage of the strategy development, we decided to share such content that would correspond to main values of the target audience (family, health, joy, etc.) in order to emphasize the emotional connection of the brand to its audience. Bright emotional pictures complemented text. Communication In addition to the continuous communication with the target audience, we were working with feedbacks of the community members. We handled negative responses and offered consultations to the target audience about company products. We created a special discussion topic “Körting Household Appliances” in the VK community to let the members ask any questions or ask for advice. Körting channel on YouTube. Tutorials by the head chief Iliya Lazerson using Körting appliances when cooking.
Contests  ВRegularly we arranged contests, quizzes and enquiries to engage the audience.
«New Year menu with Körting. Share your recipe», «Draw your Körting appliance», «Delicious quiz». The winners got a microwave, branded dish sets, aprons, potholders, books and other prizes from the company.
users a month
advertising campaign reach
users a month
become members of the community
activities (likes,
shares, comments)
MORE  1275
users a month share information 
about the brand
engaged users a month/
at average
(engagement rate) = 0,95%
Data given for a period of 26 months
 Yana Panchenko,
brand manager Körting
We have been working together with Another Point for more than two years. Our cooperation involves different spheres and services. We always achieve desired results. We are delighted with their service and expertise. Managers are very helpful: they quickly respond to our appeals and worth their salt! 
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