Jordan Tourism Board

is a governmental organization dealing with the tourist development in the country.
Jordan, or the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is situated in the Middle East.
The country attractive for history fans and pilgrims is now developing some other tourist types:
wellness tourism, adventure travel, MICE and eco-tourism, as well as active and coastal tourism
Challenges of the advertising campaign Strengthening the
appeal of Jordan
Increasing the awareness
of Jordan among tourists
Establishing connections
with authoritative bloggers
and other people influencing
the target audience
We started from point zero. At the beginning Jordan had no Russian representatives in social media, there was only a few fan communities.
At the outset Jordan representatives did not communicate with Russian mass media – they were almost unnoticeable in the Russian web.

The advertising campaign started in December 2014
Creation of the Jordan representation in social media In order to tell the prospective target audience about Jordan, its advantages and places of interest,
we created a social media representation on the Russian website VK.COM.
There we are building relationship with people who has been in Jordan or is going to visit it.
Jordan is a place,
where anyone can find something special:
- History fans. Jordan is a country with rich cultural and historical heritage, there are many must-see places:
Rock Petra, ancient Jerash, Madaba, the city of mosaics);
-Pilgrims. Not everyone knows that 85% of the events of the Old and New Testaments took place here – on the territory of modern Jordan:
The Baptism of Jesus Christ, The Execution of Jon The Forerunner, The Death of Moses and many others;
- Lovers of the coastal tourism. There are two seas in Jordan: the Red Sea and the Dead Sea;
- Eco-tourists. Jordan has a few conservancy areas with rare species of plants and animals;
- Those who cannot imagine their life without adventures: jeep safaris, flights on air ball, windsurfing, diving, climbing are only some parts of the adventures that await tourists in Jordan.
Members of the community often ask questions about trips to Jordan. We offer consultations on tour management, tour guide choice, tour itineraries, tell people about Jordan sights, car renting and other important things.
Average Engagement Rate  3,3 % > 19 000 likes (during 10 month) > 520 comments (during 10 month) > 2 230 shares (during 10 month) + 700 new followers each        
> 90 000 users – average
organic reach of the
community each month
Website traffic 217 204 662 viewers 1 367 300 ??? maximum reach 73 700 clicks 568 462 average reach      Community traffic  38 338 557 viewers 413 148      maximum reach 25 459 clicks 272 464 average reach
RTB-ads For increasing the awareness of Jordan among tourists we decided to use RTB-ads, as they provide the maximum reach of the target audience.
Press releases To attract tourist attention we organised a monthly mailing of press releases about Jordan and topical events of the country. Press releases are published on news aggregators, touristic portals and websites of the leading Russian magazines: Interfax, Travel Russian News, Tourprom.ru and others.
PR-tour for Russian press and business In the framework of attracting attention of Russian bloggers and mass media to Jordan, together with the Jordan Tourism Board, we organized a great PR-tour for Russian journalists, renowned bloggers, leading MICE-companies and their clients. Iliya Varlamov,
Russian blogger
This event brought together representatives of many companies (Lukoil, Beeline, Panasonic, Toyota, Intel, Nissan and others), offline and online magazines (HELLO! Russia, National Geographic, Vokrug Sveta, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Men's Health, Moskovsky Komsomolets and other, as well as popular Russian bloggers Iliya Varlamov, Sergey Dolya, Aslan Shauey and Aleksey Nadezhin.        

As a result of the PR-tour, 60 articles were and will be published in the first-rate Russian mass media and blogs.
Abdelrazzaq Arabiyat,

general director
Jordan Tourism Board
We have worked with Another point for over a year now and we are delighted with the work carried out so far, we found the experience very exciting and result oriented. The positive feedback we are noting on social media channels is very encouraging, what we appreciate most about working with Another point team is their dedication and passion to promote our kingdom in Russia.

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