Selling apartments in social media

BESTCON is one of the leading players in the field of real estate in Moscow. This company has been carrying out the full complex of real estate and commercial property development for more than 12 years including design, construction, and being a customer and an agent at the same time.
Challenges      Entering the market with                 
new residential estate            
 Rising sales plan 
      Better service

We began our cooperation in July 2014. Within a framework of a chosen strategy, we were working towards customer support, PR and social media.

Customer support service
  •   In order to raise sales and improve service we created a communication channel with a target audience on the customer support platform in the web
  •   This service allows working with current clients who have already signed the agreement and need further consultations
  •   During this period, we gave 547 answers on behalf of the brand representative to 352 perspective and current clients
  •   During our cooperation, the service turned into a user-friendly database. On the average, about 29 times a day users managed to find an essential information among the given answers of the client support
  •   Average number of website page views – 2264 a month
As a result, during the period  between July 2014 and March 2015  
we have received 370 contacts of the target clients interested in the 
cooperation with the company.  

By the end of 2014, we have closed six deals.
PR. Social media To enter the market with new residential estate we informed users of the property and its advantages by posting PR articles on some renowned theme-based websites and using target ads. 

On October 1, 2014, we created a Facebook brand page to establish company’s presence in social media. 
Performance CTR 0,01 %
Views of the branded ads leading 
to the BESTCON website
Average monthly number of banner views
Average monthly user reach

Company website visitors
Transitions to the target pages of the website
Proportion of new visitors
Number of people defollowed the community during 12 month of our cooperation (1,6 % of the whole number)

Views of the ads connected
with the Facebook community
Average monthly number of users
Equated interest of hitting the given parameters of the target audience (sex and age)
96,6 %
Equated interest of hitting the given parameters of the target audience (geography)
94,5 %

Average SMA during six months
0,3 (30%)
*data as of from 01.09.2014 to 30.09.2015
Due to the big number of objects (residential property) we picked up the top-priority ones from month to month. It allowed us running a proper advertising campaign and gaining the goals of the client.
Advertising tools in combination with Facebook community and client support service allowed us not only gaining the image goals of the client, but also collecting leads for raising sales.
During the last few months, the website became not only the brand representation service. Every month it gathers people (estate brokers, architects, designers, representatives of different construction companies) eager to share their contacts and consider the ways of cooperation. Consequently, the website began functioning as a mean to attract B2B audience.
Customer feedback Sergey Kovalyov,
marketing director
“To save a person from drowning, it is not enough to lend a hand – he has to lend his hand back”. This witty saying by Mikhail Zhvanetsky perfectly reflects our cooperation with Another Point. We are using services of this agency for a long time, and we always learn something new from them. Another Point shows us our weaknesses, offers methods and solutions. We are learning, adopting their methods, getting stronger and move Another Point into the background. Then Another Point finds new weaknesses, and we are learning again, and then close the door for them again. We became symbionts and I think we like it. For stereoscopic vision, one needs to have two eyes. Our second eye is Another Point. Olesya Plisova,
head of Quality Control
It is my pleasure to work with your team. It is great that we have common wave and mutual understanding. I hope that our cooperation will influence the real estate market and our companies’ reputation in a productive way. I will be glad to try new methods and scale new heights together!
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