Every day we make pets healthy 
and their masters happy. 


a company that cares 
of animal health

Over 20 years the company has brought more than 300 products to market, and the biggest part of them is held with love and trust of customers today.

is a leading Russian company in the field of development and manufacturing of the medical and cosmetic products for domestic and farm animals, fish and birds.

We have been working with this brand for 3 years now, and we are proud of our cooperation and its results leading to our mutual growth and development.


1.  Raising awareness about the product of the brand.
2.  Developing a positive image of the company and its products.
3.  Building of trust to the company and its products.
4.  Establishing a direct communication with customers.


1.  Informing about advantages of the brand, teaching the audience how to use the products right.
2.  Accumulating feedback on the brand platforms for
future processing.
3.  Growing brand advocates.
4.  Stimulating trial purchases.
5.  Developing new medical products together with users.
6.  Engaging audience in the communication with the brand by means
of game mechanics, contests, branded apps and games.

MEDIA BRAND          

point_2.pngIn 2013, we have launched the first community “Animal health digest” in the social media Vkontakte.

point_2.pngIn 2014, we have brought in Instagram and run a large campaign for a seasonal rise of demand for medical products of the line “Bars”.

point_2.pngIn 2015, we have expanded a media platform of the brand by creating brand communities on Odnoklassniki.ru and Facebook, and a brand page on Wikipedia.

Today AVZ has a media platform that includes four social networks. It allows reaching a large audience, achieving goals and run major advertising campaigns.


In March 2015, we secured an emergence of the brand in the Wordstat search results: users began to make branded inquiries in the search engines. 


Over 3 years we have grown more than 300 brand advocates. These are users, who have been actively taking part in the community life for a long time: they share photos of their pets, offer new topics for discussion and create posts for communities.

The audience left 574 feedbacks on products on brand platforms and more than 6700 comments on other websites.

30866 comments have been left in brand communities. More than 20% of these comments are themed and applied to community posts, 1,4% are specific questions about products, and 0,6% are acknowledgements.

Users have posted 14 456 photos of their pets and created 195 posts published in brand communities.

Comments include 25 704 emoticons. emodzi_2.png


Positive Negative Neutral


*These results were also influenced by the work of the company 
hat deals with web-communications of the brand.

Special project. a series            
«adventure of pepper adn pearl

In May 2015, we launched a new format of social media posts. During 4 months, we were publishing the parts of a series about the adventures of a dog and a cat. The audience named them.

The artist and the writer created a painted story that was incorporated in a book after the final part had been published. Such a format took the audience’s fancy, so in autumn we launched a new series about the adventures of a red cat Swirl, and on December 2015 – a few stories about a badger-dog Goblin. 

Top-5 achievements

1. Average monthly-recorded number of the brand community content quoting reached 240, which includes major websites with a total number of followers more than a million.

Opinion shapers tell about branded products giving active links to our website. For example, told about a medical ABZ product on her Instagram. 

2. In spring 2014, we launched a large promo campaign stimulating a seasonal demand on the product line “Bars”. The reach of the advertising campaign amounted to 2 700 000 social media users. The number of views reached 22 000 000. Each user, targeted according to his interests, saw an ad 9 times.

3. We arranged 13 global contests, 24 mini activities and gave more than 350 prizes from the brand. There were more than 5 000 participants.

4. We gave more than 1000 consultations on behalf of a professional veterinary physician Evgeniy Barsov.

5. We developed the following apps: “Wash the cat” and “Kill the tick”. They allowed us promoting different brand products in the form of a game.


603 165 829
Impressions of branded ads linked to the brand media platform 

Average monthly contact frequency 

1 602 362
Average monthly reach

20 641 198
Average monthly impressions number

120% (1,2)
SMA (monthly average)

ER (monthly average)

Average percent of hitting target audience by sex and age 

Average percent of hitting target audience by geography

Discussions rate (monthly average)

Approval rate
(monthly average)

Distribution rate
(monthly average)

594 074
Total number of likes

44 400
Total number of shares

30 866
Total number of comments

4 237
Number of new posts

Average activity to branded content

Ivan Stepakov,
Sales and Marketing Director of AVZ      

We have been working together with Another Point for 3 years. In addition, this is the very case, when a vendor becomes a partner. Sometimes it is tough, but we manage to cope with difficulties together. This is the way partners should work – they never let down colleagues and friends. We grow and make progress together. Moreover, it is the only right approach – we cooperate and achieve realistic goals and not some mythic KPI.

We like it when the team is afire with enthusiasm with the project: managers quickly react to our appeals, take initiative and offer something new. We have ambitious goals for the future. Together we will take the lead in the web!

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