This story is about raising awareness and loyalty to a transnational company in Russia and promotion of its brand by Another Point.

Haier is an international household appliances manufacturer.

From 2009 until 2015, Haier is in the top of the global rating of major appliances manufacturers made by – a top performer in the field of strategic info and analytical investigations in the world.

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Our project is in progress since 3 March 2014. Over 19 months of cooperation the client’s strategy of achieving goals has been corrected 3 times according to the subsidiary aims of the company, so we have been testing and implementing new tools.


To raise brand awarness in the Russian market

To enter the Russian market with new  products

To increase the number of loyal customers

Right now, we are implementing the strategy "Market penetration". Includes the following tools useful in the process of achieving our goals:

Targeted advertising

ATL advertising


Vkontakte promotion

PR articles


General traffic conversion into                            
 product sections                                                  

more than  50,0 %

Users, who viewed the page “Where to buy”:

From total social media traffic

more than 10 %

From total traffic from the ATL ads on thematic resources

9 %

From total traffic from the targeted ads

more than 7 %

From total traffic from RTB

about 5 %

Average percent of new users attracted to the website
by means of all marketing tools                                     

more than 90 %

Average monthly reach of the advertising campaign

2 579 178 users / month

Average number of ads shown

24 142 268 each month

During 4 month we have published 10 articles,
and the number of views reached                     

16 680

We also have arranged four contests in social media

more then 200 users

We have grown brand advocates


The brand engagement rate in social media sticks to the point of 0,4%, assuming that the initial number of posts decreased (they were published by the previous agency) by a factor of 4 – these were only branded posts. 

According to Wordstat and Google Analytics 
over the period of 2014-2015:

The number of general brand 
inquires raised 
10,0 %

Website traffic 
12,9 %

The boost of the organic
traffic is about
29,3 %

The number of direct
transitions increased
41 %

Mariya Korotaeva,
marketing communications manager  

In the framework of our cooperation, Another Point turned out to be an expert team able to respond quickly to the dynamic market environment.

The agency quickly adapts its solutions to the varying needs of our company and offers such advertising campaigns, which are perfect for us at the very moment. Moreover, they can offer tools that have not been on the list of services before. They are oriented on the customer inquiries, and they always assess them properly identifying their pros and cons.

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