Beauty requires sacrifice and strong marketing

Bcode is a Moscow plastic surgery and esthetic clinic. This local private institution was founded in 2006 by a plastic surgeon Igor Baryshnikov. Today he works in the clinic together with renowned doctors.

The clinic had a customer pool, but it was not enough during the economic fluctuations of the end of 2014. That is why the beauty experts contacted Another Point to achieve the following goals:

To raise clinic awareness 
among the target audience

To distribute a position
«feel like home» among  the TA


To form a media space 
in the Social Media


To attract 
new clients

All these goals were achieved during
8 months of our cooperation

Our key to success is a conjunctive use of marketing tools and a seamless interaction between clinic representatives and our team.

Client’s concern and synchronization of our workflows, as well as dedication of both sides played a key role in implementing of our marketing strategy. 

We offered Bcode a complete solution
consisting of the following tools:

- RTB;

- Targeted ads;

- Facebook community;

- Instagram representation;

- Publication of doctors’ profiles on the themed websites;

- Emailing;

- Promo project.

Average monthly number of ad impressions reached 1 245 789, and 367 609 Moscow citizens saw the ads about the plastic surgery clinic and its services.

The targeted ads provided the hit in the target audience. By the end of the 8th month, the communities on Facebook and Instagram had 5468 followers – prospective and current customers of the clinic. They were interested in news and offers of Bcode as evidenced by the average SMA and Facebook – 36%, and ER – 1,3%.

For the summer season, the experts of the clinic have prepared a few beneficial offers for customers. We have sent awareness-raising emails to 16 311 current and prospective clients. As a result, 52% of transmissions from the emails ended up at the targeted pages.

As a result of the advertising campaign, the average targeted traffic from Moscow increased 20%. 

The AD «Rhinoplasty in its true colors»
became a sensation and had a great influence on the rise of awareness among the target audience.

In the course of a month, together with the experts of the clinic we performed an audition in order to choose the appropriate nose. There were 13 of them. Those women got professional advice, and three of them were qualified for the final.

The winner of the project won a free rhinoplasty operation and posted information about the results and work of the surgeon using her channels of communication (offline and online, including a special blog that was created for this project on Facebook).

Two other finalists got a 50% bargain on rhinoplasty, and one of them used this offer immediately. She also actively posted news and her impressions about the operation and shared some photos. This way Bcode got three brand advocates. 

Key achievements of the project 

Average viral reach of the community doubled in comparison with the previous months;
A PR article about progress and results of the project got 240 targeted views;
The number of key enquiry views in Yandex in 2015 increased 32% in comparison with the same period of the previous year.


Igor Baryshnikov,
CEO of the clinic Bcode

The team of Another Point stands out for its enthusiasm and readiness to get the point, as well as brilliant ideas. It’s a perfect combination of creativity and a serious approach. We are delighted with our cooperation and ready to recommend Another Point as a reliable partner.

Natalia Vasilyeva,
deputy CEO of the clinic Bcode

Being a person who is responsible for the coordinating and the cooperation with the agency, I appreciate the efficiency of Another Point. They quickly react on our remarks and feedback provided through out the course of our work. Our field requires special knowledge, so some mistakes in the beginning are quite common. But it is extremely important that the team hears and understands the customer, because they are always ready for constructive dialog.

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